Wednesday, June 01, 2005

We Shall Talk Further About This Matter In The Morning

Ladies and gentleman -

It is my distinguished pleasure to stand before you today and introduce THE Gew-Gaw Finery in all of her majesty.

It's true, there is a significant minority of 20 year olds who get out of college and don't really want to do anything, so they start up t-shirt companies. Yet, I think we have something different going on here. What we're building is not a "t-shirt emporium" designed to bring in profits and fame. We are building community, designed to bring in friendship and love. Perhaps love is too..sappy a word there - but I hope you feel my heart as I tickle your ears.

We want to serve you, and we want to make those around you laugh. We'd also like to pull in 6 figures, but we needn't discuss that. We want to tell you stories, and than have you communicate some back. Thus we have comments. Thus we have blogging. Thus we have...image zoom?

Darn that comedic "rule of three" for always pushing me too hard and making me force it!

Anyway, our main goal here is to see people wearing our shirts, and more so, to see that cute girl they never would have talked to come all the way across the club to compliment them on the sheer bold flavor of their shirt.

Thus I come to you, blogosphere and ask this final question to be solved in the comments: Should I talk about whatever the heck I want in this space (music, work, neighbors, steel), or should I keep this space for news of new t-shirts only? I use the community to solve this problem that will define the very nature of community.

Please vote in the boxes below.


Richard McElroy spake...

I like the blog format, I miss your posts at the Weblog and will be more likely to continue to shop over here if there are blog updates to read also. I'm getting one of those "The Periodic Table, Bitch" shirts, because it really says, I'm a nerd, but I'm a tough nerd.

6:59 AM  
Adam Kotsko spake...

That would be an interesting thing -- a personal blog that existed primarily to provide content to a t-shirt site. Your personal stories tend to be funnier than mine, so it would be a great loss to The Weblog if they migrated permanently over here, but it would probably be okay.

7:16 AM  
Adam Kotsko spake...

There are some comments, perhaps even bitchy comments, at your post on The Weblog that you might want to check out.

11:55 AM  
Steve Case spake...

I think your posts and your t-shirts would combine to create one of the most powerful website ever.

11:01 AM  

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