Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Did You Ever Break A Guy's Nose?

Oh folks. I did a real bad and broke my promise to blog everyday.

I did a real bad.

I'm going to make up for it though. But I'm through with promises. But I'm probably going to make up for it. You know, with a bunch of posts.

A real bad was also done in it taking this long for people to get their shirts. All of you have been gracious and understanding of the bumps one takes as one starts a business, and I am terribly thankful for that. After finally finding a screen printer know..actually is producing the shirts in the time they promised (as opposed to the former "oh yeah that...that's probably gonna be another 2 weeks longer..sorry dude" approach), this should now become a pretty smooth process. If you haven't received it yet, I am sending the tracking information to everyone as I ship the shirts. Be on the lookout.

Also forthcoming - everyone who stood by our side through this beginning period - we cannot thank you enough. But we're gonna try. I'm working to figure out a way to offer discounts through paypal and eventually everyone who ordered on or before 6/30 will receive a lifetime appointment to the WE ARE AWESOME VIP GOLD RIBBON EXECUTIVE FOUNDERS MEMBERSHIP CLUB. Members of this club, who have waited so patiently, and so long, shall receive all future shirts for $12 (Plus $5 shipping if 2 or less shirts are ordered (Free shipping on 3 or more shirts as always (This is getting to be a lot of nested parentheses (parenthesi?)))). When the details are all set on that, I'll email each of you. If you'd like to order before than at the reduced rate, just email us at "support at" and we'll figure something out.

Again, thanks to everyone. I am really pleased thus far with this printing company and am confident you will be too. They are good folk. I pick up a big batch of shirts tomorrow and will ship those out, the rest will follow shortly.


Steve Case spake...

It is nice to have you back, Robb. How was Flint and Ben's wedding? Good travels? I was getting worried. I kept checking the blog daily, but nothing. I was going to give you about three more weeks and then call your house. But I won't now. Because you're safe.

3:48 PM  
Steve Case spake...

Robb . . . blogs every day? What happened? Your public misses you.

4:02 PM  

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