Tuesday, July 12, 2005

diminishing and diminishing

In lieu of an actual post, I'd like to give a too long delayed shout out to those sites who have linked to us here at The Gew Gaw.

Thanks all around to Unfogged, a user at stumbleupon, Total Fark (if only it were non-total fark), somebody with a Xanga page (it won't show which), as always, The Holy Duality of M2 and Kamala at The H Was O, Cliopatria, Scott McLemee, The Weblog, My favorite newish blog - The Head Cult, THE Rebekah Hollenberg, T-Shirt Countdown, T-Shirt Links and jamespo's World of Tees for the linkage. It went through the roof this week. And by through the roof I mean we had four times the visitors. 8 visitors! Hoo-ray!

Also - some notes to our search engine referrals, should you come back. Whoever looked for "sentences" - please don't emulate mine. You will fail your english exams. Many have searched for "old" and "ladies", and some for "old ladies", and yes, even 2 looking for "Old Lady Love." I uh..hope you like the "Old Ladies Love Me" T-shirt..because we aren't going the grandma nudity route. Yet.

Someone also found us by searching for "Me Love Barber" - Yes - we love Barber too.

Strangely, my pages accessed line graph for this week looks exactly like one of the guys from spy vs. spy laying on his side. Flared out trench coat collar and all.

Soon to come - posts that are interesting!


Brennan Vidt spake...

YAY!!! I'm favorite newish!

Pretty soon (like, within the next two or three paychecks) I'm gonna buy four shirts. I promise you this.

5:49 AM  
Rebekah spake...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I'm biding my time for "the perfect shirt" so I'm a'watchin!

7:13 PM  
Rebekah spake...

Also, as far as possible suggestions, I enjoy the simplicity line, and especially the fruit. Maybe we could get more fruit tees. Or maybe going all crasy and try a line of female-inspired phrases/ideas. I dunno.

7:23 PM  

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